Thursday, March 20, 2003

all ya'll fake niggas can lick my big toe... cuz u can't get anywhere near my clit!!!! ROFLOL
yo... I got the bestest story but... ya'll will have to hear it lata dawgs
ppl be hatin on ppl when they need to look in the FUCKING MIRROR!!!!! LOL he he this is fo all yall Osbourn pplz in the ASS, VA
Sup people,
Yesterday my cousin and i were sittin in her car with her sister and her boyfriend in the back were driving and we decide to go to Old Country Buffet. So as soon as we get in tha damn restuarant her boyfriend and my cousins boyfriend is throwin food. so when we get done eatin and everythin Vernon ( my cousins boyfriends ) says out loud to her "so candice we gonna go back to tha hotel room and fuck" and she was like "did you say you were gonna fuck my brains out and do it doggy style" while along this white lady was sittin next to us lookin at us like we were crazy. so on our way to take me to home we notice that her sister is gettn fingered in the back seat with her sisters jacket on her candice jumps out tha car while vernon is sayin "if you get out tha car imma cause a scene" and sure as hell he did... he got out tha car yelling "bomb" and this lady next to jumped in her that was the highlight of my day yesterday....
Hey All!!!
Yo OMG I am so happy!!! the guy that I live for finally broke up w/ his gf!!!! LOL I b hatin ppl that leave u hangin
Holla bac!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Man today in Multimedia class I was surfing the net and happen to come across somebody's blog site 2:00 Specials. Well they had posted a story about how a guy fucked this fat chick doggy style and then the next thing she farted on his dick and his cum turned into a me and my friend Lauren are sittin up in class jus laughin our asses off and the teacher tells us to get it together so we do and the next thing u kno were laughin again for like 5 mins straight...the story was jus so funny lol
Stuck up Church People lol please join the youth choir